What happens if ive lost my NIE Number?

Have you lost your NIE Number?

Losing your NIE Number certificate in Spain can be an absolute nightmare. You need your NIE Number for Various tasks in Spain like connecting to the internet, buying or selling a house, getting work and getting a mobile phone contract.

What a NIE number certificate looks like
This is what a NIE Number certificate looks like

If you have lost your NIE Number in Spain most of the time you will be ok. Only for very serious legal matters like buying property will you actually need the original NIE Number certificate.  If you have a copy of the;’ number its self, either in photo form or written down somewhere that’s a huge help in being able to replace your NIE Number certificate.

To get your NIE Number back we recommend using the MY NIE official website.

Getting your lost NIE Number back can be a laborious task. Unfortunately its no longer possible to just turn up st the police station to get a paper copy of your NIE. You still need to go through the whole booking process again, fill in all the forms again and pay the government tax again.

What to do when you lost your NIE Number certificate


The website we recommend above can help you get a copy of your Spanish NIE Number very quickly. Visit them today and read up on there blog.

Loosing your NIE Number in Spain can be a logistical nightmare.

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