What happens at the police station when I go to get my NIE number in Spain?

What happens at the police station when I go to get my nie number?

Getting your NIE Number Spain at a police station is easy.

When you arrive at the Police Station you will normally be given a number to be called up.

We recommend arriving at the Police station at least half an hour before your appointment time to be on the safe side. If your late for your NIE Number Spain appointment its unlikely the Spanish Police will be very sympathetic.

When your called up to the desk the police man may or may not speak English. We have put a few useful terms below to help you.

Hand in your completed forms along with your two passport sized photos, your passports and any other evidence you have to support your claim for needing a NIE Number in Spain.

Spanish Police NIE Number spain
The Spanish police are normally very polite and will help you with the Process of getting your NIE Number Spain quickly.

Hand the police man your forms and he will normally have a look through and ask you to come back latter in the afternoon to collect your NIE Number Spain Certificate. Occasionally he may ask you to come back the next day if the station is extra busy.

fact or fiction nie number information
What a NIE NUMBER SPAIN looks like

Don’t forget to have duplicate copies of your NIE Number Spain forms, we recommend printing off 3 copies of each of the documents to take to the police station on the day of your NIE Number appointment.

Will I be security checked when I go to the Police Station for my NIE Number Spain?

Some Police stations have a metal detector scanner as you arrive. But don’t worry empty all metal objects and your mobile devices into the tray and walk though. you should have no problems.

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  1. Hi I have just gotten my N.I.E number today from the police station but it says “Not authorized to work” on it. Is this normal? As I am in Tenerife and will be looking for work here at some point. I also did tell the police officer this. Thank you for any advice.

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