Get a NIE Number in Spain 2024/2025

Welcome to our new NIE-Number Spain blog.  Here you can find all the Information you need about NIE Numbers Spain, how to get a NIE Number and how to get your NIE Number in less that 24hrs.  

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Do you need a NIE Number? Our NIE Number Spain blog is here to give you all the information you need to get your NIE Number your self, from filling in the forms to making an appointment on the cita website in Spain

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Just some of the questions we will cover in our blog:

What is a NIE Number Spain?

This page will tell you all about NIE Number Spain, what they look like, why you need a NIE Number, and more information’s about your NIE Number

Why do I need a NIE Number Spain?

This page will tell you about why you need a NIE Number in Spain, what transactions you will need to show your NIE Number certificate to officials and other interesting NIE Number information. We also tell you in this section why a NIE Number Spain is needed to buy a property in Spain.

What is a TIE CARD, do I need one?

A TIE card is the Identity card that uk cvitizens will need to stay in Spin after Brexit. A TIE Card is not the came as a NIE Number.

Diary of a Spanish Girl Information on NIE Numbers

Get a NIE Number Spain today

This page will tell you how to get your NIE Number today and how you can get a appointment at the police station within 24hrs. Do you want to complete the NIE Paperwork your self and Risk filling in the paperwork incorrectly or do you want to let our sister Service do the work for you.

What happens if ive lost my NIE Number Spain?

This page will tell you what to do if you loose your Spanish NIE Number. How to replace a lost or misplaced NIE number. Loosing your NIE Number Spain and getting a replacement is not easy. Read more about how to replace your lost NIE Number Spain.

What does a NIE number Spain look like?

What a NIE Number Spain looks like
What a NIE NUMBER SPAIN looks like

On this page we will show you photos of what a NIE Number looks like. A NIE Number in Spain Certificate is actually a white A4 piece of paper and not a green card as some people think.

Is a NIE number Spain a green card?

Your NIE Number Spain is not a green card and does not give you the rights that residency does.

We will show you on this page the difference between a green card and a white NIE Number A4 paper certificate.

Do I have to be in Spain to get a NIE Number?

flying to spain to get your nie number
Are you flying into Spain to get your NIE Number?

In this section we will show you the different options on getting a NIE Number. The main service we recommend and the cheapest way to get your Spanish NIE Number is when you are already in Spain or traveling to Spain in time for your police appointment.

What happens at the police station when I go to get my NIE  Number?

In this section we will tell you about the process at the police station when you go to apply for your NIE Number. What the police will say and ask of you and when you have to go back to collect your Spanish NIE Number.

What happens if I miss my NIE Number Spain appointment?

This blog post is all about what you should do if you miss or are late for your NIE Number appointment in Spain. Missing your NIE Number Spain appointment is not a good idea.  Remaking a NIE appointment can be a problem when you already have one appointment booked as you can only have one NIE NUMBER SPAIN appointment at a time.

Is a NIE Number the Same as EU Settled Status?

No, Eu Settled status is not the Same as a NIE Number and only applys for EU nationals wanting to remain in the uk after 2021. 

What documentation do I need to take to get my NIE Number in Spain?

This page will guide you through all the paperwork, documents and other items you will need for your NIE Number appointment such as two passport photos, your in date passport and paying the fee to the bank.

On the day of your appointment don’t forget your passport or your two passport sized photos. Without these the Spanish Police will not issue you with your NIE Number and you will need to join the back of the cue.

I’ve been refused a NIE Number Spain what should I do?

Police nie number application
Have to Spanish police refused your NIE Number Spain Application?

Have you been refused a NIE Number because you have insufficient evidence of why you need one? This section will tell you all about what to do if you have been declined a NIE Number in Spain. 

The likely hood is you didn’t submit the correct paperwork. Read in this section how our sister website can help you ensure the paperwork you take is correct and properly filled in.

How do I book a NIE Number Spain Appointment?

This area of our site goes through the different options on how to book your Spanish NIE Appointment in Spain. Maybe you would like to fill in the forms your self or let our sister service do all the work for you? 

We do not recommend booking your NIE Number appointment your self unless you fully understand the process. Making the appointment incorrectly or at the wrong department can severely delay your NIE Number appointment. You could end up waiting months to get a new appointment.

cita booking website for nie screen shot
This is what the CITA booking website looks like to get your NIE Number in Spain

How do I fill in  the NIE Number Spain paperwork?

Thinking of filling in all the NIE Paperwork your self? In this section we will show you what forms to fill in and where to find the link to the Main Spanish NIE Website. Again, like filling out the paperwork we do not recommend you do this your self unless you have a good understanding of the Spanish Language and CITA system.

ex-15 application for NIE Spain
This is what your EX-15 NIE Number Spain application form looks like

What happens if I fill out the NIE Number Spain paperwork incorrectly?

If you fill out the NIE Number forms Incorrectly you may find your self in a spot of Bother… Hopefully you will get a sympathetic Spanish Police man, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

Completing your paperwork wrong may result in you missing your appointment and have to make a new one.

form 790 nie number spain
This is what form 790 for your NIE Number Spain looks like

Can I get a NIE Number Spain from a Spanish Embassy in the country I live in?

We hope to provide you on this NEW blog website all the NIE Number information you need under one roof. Keep checking back for updates.

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