Get a NIE Number today

Get a NIE Number Spain today

Do you need your NIE Number today? Getting your NIE Number fast is simple with our sister service.

Warning! some companies online who say they can get your NIE Number Spain in 24hrs are lying…..Unfortunately everyone has to make an appointment at the Police station to get there NIE Number Spain.

fact or fiction nie number information
Getting your Nie Number in 24hrs. Fact or Fiction?

Companies online saying they can obtain your NIE Number Spain in 24hrs are sadly not telling the truth. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it. We recommend our sister company as the cheapest and fastest way to get your NIE Number in Spain.

NIE Number Spain questions and Answers:

Q: Can I get my NIE Number in 24hrs

A: NO, its impossible unfortunately. You can get your appointment booked with Cita at the police station and get your paperwork filled out in 24hrs but its impossible to get your NIE Number Spain so quick.

Q: What is the wait at the police station for a NIE Number?

A: How long is a ball of string. That’s not a helpful answer I know but sadly the main answer. Different areas have different waiting times. Book your NIE Number appointment today and get your NIE Number Spain in the shortest possible time.

Q: Is there any quicker way to get my NIE Number Spain?

A: Place your NIE Number Spain order today and let our staff know your in a Hurry. We maybe able to fit you into a cancellation appointment.

Q: Can I work without a NIE Number

A: This is a grey area in law in Spain. Some companies will employ you if you have confirmation of your NIE Number Spain appointment. Some companies will not allow you to start work until you have your certificate.  Its best to ask your potential employer how flexible they will be.

Q: Why are some companies really expensive to get a NIE Number Spain?

Some online companies and website are charging through the roof for NIE Number Spain appointments. We do not recommend using any service charging more than 30 euros/25 pounds.

3 Replies to “Get a NIE Number today”

  1. Hi
    Me and my partner are in desperate need of NIE given we have already put down reservation fee and cannot move and further without the NIE, we contacted your sister company twice only to be told nothing till Oct, as you can understand we are trying to move fast given we have small financial budget but have found a property and don’t want to loose out to higher bidder, we are located in Almoradi at present, and been in Spain 3weeks trying to sort resolve this and running out of time given we are going back to UK anytime soon due to family comittments.

    Please can you give us some advice as we have run out of ideas

    Kind Regards

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